Connect U.S. Fund Best Practices

Between 2003 - 2013, the Connect U.S. Fund worked on the cusp of the philanthropic and non-profit community, advocating for, convening and supporting collaborations to advance more responsible U.S. leadership in meeting today's complex global challenges.  In 2013, this unique donors collaborative ended its operational and grant-making activities, leaving behind a stronger and more collaborative foreign policy community. The Connect U.S. Fund has entered a wind down period and will be concluding our operations by January 31, 2013. However, before we close our doors, we believe we have a responsibility to the NGO and philanthropic communities to provide best practices from our unique model. We have published a series of white papers which outline best practices on our innovative Rapid Response Fund and on collaboration as vital to high impact policy work – both in terms of working as a donors collaborative and in creating Working Groups that draw together all the stakeholders. We are confident that these best practices will provide the philanthropic sector and the NGO community with a fresh look at how effective advocacy and grant-making can be done.

Included below are three documents which outline best practices developed by the Connect U.S. Fund.  To create these white papers and PowerPoint presentations, the staff of the Connect U.S. Fund drew on eight years of grant-making and programmatic experience.  We hope that these documents provide the tools to promote collaboration in the philanthropy, advocacy, and foreign policy fields for years to come. To access the documents, click on the links below.

For inquiries and questions please email connectusfund [at] (please note this account will be inactive after December 31, 2013).

Best Practices - Collaboration (PDF document)

Best Practices - Collaboration (Powerpoint)


Best Practices - Donor Collaborative (PDF document)

Best Practices - Donor Collaborative (Powerpoint)


Best Practices - Rapid Response Grants (PDF document)

Best Practices - Rapid Response Grants (Powerpoint)


A Call to the President to Sustain and Enhance U.S. Global Leadership

In the months leading up to the 2012 presidential election, the Connect U.S. Fund gathered input from our community on a letter urging strong U.S. leadership in meeting today's key international challenges. The letter, which was sent on November 8, 2012 to President Obama, was signed by 181 foreign policy experts and leaders of organizations representing millions of Americans. The signatories, which range from former generals to grassroots organizers, came together to identify the priorities for President Obama?s second term in human rights, climate change, nuclear nonproliferation, and development. A complete version of the letter, including a list of signatories, can be found here.